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Eagles T-shirt Design Contest Official Rules
and entry form

Design Submission Guidelines and Contest Rules - EFFECTIVE November 23rd, 2008

How many will win the Grand Prize and how much? One Artist will win the Grand Prize of $100.00 in apparel (no cash value will be paid out). The winner will be announced on December 23rd, 2008. After that time, T-shirts will be available to pre-order for $12.00.

How do you select the winner?
The winner is selected based on this criteria:

1.) Design quality
2.) Quantity of votes
3.) Comments

How long is the Voting Process?
Each design will be posted for 14 days for people to vote for their favorite design, beginning December 9, 2008 - December 22, 2008.

How long will my design be entered in the Design Competition?
Ninety days. After 90 days have passed, Artists may submit their design elsewhere.

What happens once I uploaded or drop off my design? All designs submitted are previewed by our In-House Artists at OtG Logo's. A pre-screening is done to pick out the designs that qualify for posting into the Voting Page. OtG Logo's will notify the artist whether or not their design is approved for voting.

How many days before I will be notified if my design is approved or not?
Please allow 2-7 business for our Design Team to review the design.

Can I use someone else's artwork and submit it for voting? NO you cannot. OtG Logo's does not tolerate plagiarism. If you submit artwork that is copywrited, trademarked or used in any type of commercial use,and it is used by OtG Logo's to print on apparel, OtG Logo's will not be liable for any copyright infringement. The Artist will be held responsible for every submission of artwork to OtG Logo's. If you feel that an Artist violates someone else's work do not post your concern on our comment page. Please notify us by phone or in person.

How many designs can I submit?You may submit as many designs as you choose to increase your chance of winning the design contest.

What kind of design is OtG Logo's looking for? The artist has the freedom to design anything they wish as long as it is related to the Hudsonville Eagles and is not a club, event, or sports related and is original artwork, has never been published and does not contain profanity, trademarks, logos, copyrighted works or intellectual property of any 3rd parties.

Do I keep ownership of my design if it is selected for sale? (VERY IMPORTANT - BE SURE TO READ CAREFULLY) OtG Logo's will get exclusive rights to the winning design for printing. OtG Logo's has the right to use the design on the OtG Logo's website, to sell apparel and promotional items in our store and on our website. The artist keeps the ownership of the winning design and may display or archive his/her own design in a portfolio or personal collection. The artist may not sell or reproduce the design for commercial purposes once it is chosen for production under OtG Logo's

Can I promote my design? Definitely! Promote as much as you can. The more exposure your artwork receives the better your chances of winning the Grand Prize of $100.00 in apparel.

What are the requirements to submitting your artwork? Drop off your hand drawn artwork, electronic artwork, or email us a copy to Put T-shirt Contest in the Subject Line.

If my artwork wins when will I receive the Grand Prize? We will notify the Winning Artists on the day we feature the design. The artist may come in and pick out $100.00 in apparel after being notified. (There is no cash value to be paid out to the winning artist. )

If you think you have a winning design, get started and get it submitted to us before December 8, 2008.

By signing this form I agree to abide by the rules of this contest.

Official Entry Form

Name: ___________________________
Address: __________________________
City: _____________________
State: _________ Zip:________________
Email Address: ________________________ Phone:_____________________
Date of Birth: ______________________
Signature of artist: _____________________________
Guardian Signature (required if artist is under 18): _____________________________

Print this page, fill it out and fax it to 616-669-1928, drop it off at the address above,
or send an email with the above information and your design attached to

Online T-shirt Design Contest Form

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